Sunday, 12 May 2013

What is AregoLive?

Arego started as an app to get news and social network feeds. I felt that there is so much information out there, that it takes some serious effort to visit websites regularly. I used an RSS reader for a while, then realized that with the amount of information being bombarded it is a chore to find things of importance and interest. And to make it worse, the constant scanning of these feeds and reading too much text was building up clutter of thoughts in my mind. I wanted something that will allow me to focus on a simple piece of news for a few seconds without any distraction. I wanted a those few seconds to be spent on the most important information at that hour. Thus was born AregoLive.

Its an android app that uses live wallpaper as a way of interacting with its users. AregoLive finds the most relevant information for its user from various RSS feeds and web articles periodically. The information is a presented as a unobtrusive message in the phone background. Reading habits and interests are gradually built up over time for Arego to intelligently sift through feeds and find the right news clips for users.


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