Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to find things to tweet about?

How do you find interesting things to share with your twitter community? It takes some serious amount of time to find those bits of web that your twitter community loves. Twitter pros recommend dedicated schedules to find and share interesting articles and photos. 
What if we could turn the tables, what if these interesting bits of information could find you. Enter AregoLive, If you are not yet familiar with what AregoLive can do check out aregolive blog. The next version of AregoLive will be welcoming twitter sharing as a feature so keep an eye out for the weekend and happy sharing.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Photo feeds as creative inspiration

People are clicking thousands of interesting images everyday, many of them will never reach you. Ever wondered how to get your daily dose of visual stimuli? AregoLive brings you photo feeds to your phone or tablet. Select a photo feed of your choice and have it served directly to your home screen.

You never have to search for beautiful photographs to paste on your screen, most of the curated photo feeds are bringing the best pictures from across photo communities, and they are changing every 3 minutes so you never get bored of the same picture.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

500px comes to AregoLive

I just added the 500px community feed, so all you photographers rejoice. Okay that was on a high note, but seriously this fantastic feed of pictures has me amazed in the last few hours. I'm not a shutterbug, but doesn't mean I dont understand or appreciate great looking pictures, like almost all of us.

So here is a screenshot of our newest picture feed on AregoLive.


AregoLive supports android tablets

We spent some time fiddling with the layouts for tablets. Given the huge amount of screen real estate a android tablet brings in, tried some small tweaks to get the best out of it. Overall, the theme of simplicity and focus on usefulness first continues to be the design guideline. It makes a compelling case to get a tablet if you're still left in the stone ages. Watch as information comes searching for you rather you hunting around.

Here's a nice screenshot from google nexus 7, We also brought in a new curated feed from National Geographic for you. Just click on the settings button and make sure NatGeo is selected as a subscribed feed.

The beauty of Arego is the amazing variety of infromation that comes to you and you are never overwhelmed by it.

Added a few more photo feeds if you are into photography and visuals.

News with images on AregoLive

AregoLive now brings images right to your home screen. There are many times I read something because a catchy visual gets my attention and so we bring in support for image clips along with the news or article. The image is now displayed on the top half of the home screen if it is large and the lower half of the screen is still kept clutter free for the headline.

Touching the image or headline opens up the actual article feed with embedded images. We call it the reading view. Arego is a combination of RSS reader and smarts to recognize what news really matters to you. As you can see from the screenshot a piece of news is displayed in the background for a minute until it is replaced with something newer. The user is not obliged to read it or open up the article unless it catches his or her attention. Each time you open it Arego knows a little bit more about what news you really like to read.

What is AregoLive?

Arego started as an app to get news and social network feeds. I felt that there is so much information out there, that it takes some serious effort to visit websites regularly. I used an RSS reader for a while, then realized that with the amount of information being bombarded it is a chore to find things of importance and interest. And to make it worse, the constant scanning of these feeds and reading too much text was building up clutter of thoughts in my mind. I wanted something that will allow me to focus on a simple piece of news for a few seconds without any distraction. I wanted a those few seconds to be spent on the most important information at that hour. Thus was born AregoLive.

Its an android app that uses live wallpaper as a way of interacting with its users. AregoLive finds the most relevant information for its user from various RSS feeds and web articles periodically. The information is a presented as a unobtrusive message in the phone background. Reading habits and interests are gradually built up over time for Arego to intelligently sift through feeds and find the right news clips for users.