Sunday, 12 May 2013

AregoLive supports android tablets

We spent some time fiddling with the layouts for tablets. Given the huge amount of screen real estate a android tablet brings in, tried some small tweaks to get the best out of it. Overall, the theme of simplicity and focus on usefulness first continues to be the design guideline. It makes a compelling case to get a tablet if you're still left in the stone ages. Watch as information comes searching for you rather you hunting around.

Here's a nice screenshot from google nexus 7, We also brought in a new curated feed from National Geographic for you. Just click on the settings button and make sure NatGeo is selected as a subscribed feed.

The beauty of Arego is the amazing variety of infromation that comes to you and you are never overwhelmed by it.

Added a few more photo feeds if you are into photography and visuals.

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